Ration Check

Optimize your ration! Call on Jodoco for a ration check.

How balanced and homogeneous is the ration? In practice, the fed ration does not always match the calculated version. This usually becomes apparent only after several weeks. Unfortunately, this manifests itself in reduced/lower milk production, cow health, … The ration has already been adjusted here and there … It costs you time and, in the short and long term, pennies.

With the ration check, offered by Jodoco, the mixed ration is analyzed. With measured values at the feed fence, you know immediately whether the calculated ration is actually available to the cow. Based on the measured values in the ration check, efficient adjustments can be made immediately, if necessary.

Parameters to be analyzed:

Dry matter Soluble crude protein (%RE)
pH Crude fat (hydr)
Acetic acid Crude fiber
Lactic acid Sugar
Crude ash Starch
VCOS (%OS) Neutral Detergent Fibre
NH3 fraction (%RE) NDF digestibility (%NDF)
Nitrate Acid Detergent Fibre
Crude protein Acid Detergent Lignin
Total crude protein


  • Jodoco makes an appointment to take the sample.
  • Jodoco provides the analysis.
  • The results will be discussed with you.

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