About Jodoco

Welcome to Jodoco, an independent privately owned company, established in 1999 and located in Tienen, Belgium. We are specialised in the development and production of innovative mainly liquid premixtures. The development takes place in own laboratories and in cooperation with institutes and universities in Belgium and other countries.

Active ingredients

A broad range of active ingredients are applied: this regards betaine, organic acids, inuline, oligofructose, mannoproteins, β-glucans, various sugars, glycerol and essential oils.

As a result a variety of products have been developed both for the compound feed industry as well as self blending farmers, and intended both for monogastrics as well as ruminants.

These products have various applications like preservation of feed and drinking water, modulation of the immune system, growth enhancer, prevention of heat stress, binder of mycotoxins, probiotics and improver of the zootechnical performance in general.


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Olivier Geerts

Sales Director

Peter Schoppink

Managing Director


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