Our services

We accompany you with nutritional advice for the right composition of your animal feeds and with personal support on the farm.

Our services

Specialized services for the agricultural sector

Discover our versatile services, including personalized advice, trials, analyses and specific formulations for livestock producers, compound feed industry, bioindustry and veterinarians.

Tailormade products to specifications for third parties

The Jodobet betaine calculator

Customized advice on using our products

Tailormade products to specifications for third parties

Iodobet betaine calculator

Customized advice on using our products

Formulations for third parties

Customized formulations

In our laboratory, we are constantly developing and testing new formulations, including those on specification for third parties. After development, these blends can be produced under our own brand name or private label and packaged in our factory.

We are always looking for new markets and interesting partnerships, both inside and outside the European Union. Regarding exports, we have extensive experience in the field of transport and preparation of registration files.


Betaine calculator

Convert choline supplementation to an equivalent amount of betaine

Jodoco has developed a calculator that makes it easy and convenient to make the nutritional calculation for converting the amount of choline chloride to the equivalence amount of betaine. This calculator provides a clear overview of the various options and corresponding dosages for replacing the choline chloride currently used in your diets with one of the JodobetĀ® products containing betaine

Custom advice

Goal is the best and most econmic result

The use of our products by our customers takes place after detailed advice and under constant supervision of our technical advisors. The goal is to achieve that application that leads to the best and also most economical result.

In order to provide the best possible advice, our consultants have the necessary training and tools.

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