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Jodoco produces a wide range of premixes and complementary feeds for cows, with the aim of improving the health of these animals worldwide.

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Optimal nutrition for healthy ruminants

Discover our extensive range of products designed specifically for cows. Our products promote growth, feed intake and increase overall productivity.

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Acibet® G

Ration enhancer, increases absorption and utilization of the..

Acibet® TMR

Acibet® TMR effectively inhibits heating. Mixed rations and..


High quality and palatable glucogenic energy booster for dairy cattle..

Jodocid Eco

Jodocid ECO effectively prevents heating in mixed rations..

Jodocil NC

Universal ensiling agent, non-corrosive to materials. Also ideal..


Robosweet is a high-quality and palatable lure for..

Ruval® products

Ruval®plus is a liquid, complementary animal feed and scalding inhibitor...

Product development

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In addition to our own branded products, we also offer custom formulations for third parties. Our laboratory is equipped with advanced analytical techniques to accurately determine and develop both active and physical components. We create the specific blend that perfectly suits your needs.

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Our use of active ingredients such as betaine, organic acids and essential oils have resulted in unique product combinations. Backed by years of research and collaboration with leading institutions, positions us as experts in the industry.

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At Jodoco, we believe in the power of real results

Our case studies show the successful results we have achieved on farms just like yours. From increased productivity to better animal and plant health.

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