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Ruval®plus is a liquid, complementary animal feed and scalding inhibitor. Ruval®plus is standardized and enriched with natural betaine, which stimulates rumen fermentation and promotes animal health. Especially suitable for cut corn and pulse rations. We have three different variants of Ruval. At Jodoco, you can do a ration check to see which Ruval is best for you. Contact us using the button below.

✓ Tasty
✓ Preserves with TMR
✓ Enriched with natural betaine


Ruval® is standardized, rich in organic acids and enriched with natural betaine, which stimulates rumen fermentation and promotes animal health. This combination makes the product Ruval® very interesting as a supplementary feed and broth inhibitor. Contains neither ammonia nor urea!


Betaine promotes rumen fermentation and overall animal health by:

  • stimulation of microbial protein synthesis and thus more DVE
  • positive effect on fiber digestibility
  • beneficial effect on propion and acetic acid production in the rumen
  • supporting the animal during heat stress thanks to osmotically active properties


The organic acids in Ruval® add fresh flavor to the ration. In addition, Ruval® has interesting sticking properties for good mixing of the basic ration. Both elements promote higher feed intake, reducing concentrate requirements.

Ruval®plus is also a suitable supplementary protein source and broth inhibitor in your basic ration. It can also partially replace feed materials such as soybean and rapeseed meal and other supplementary feeds in basic rations

Added value

  • Optimizes rumen fermentation and microbial protein synthesis, making it milk-driven
  • Standardized and enriched with natural betaine
  • Hatchery
  • Very tasty
  • High dry matter content
  • Good sticking properties, resulting in better mixing of the base ration
  • Low content of phosphorus
  • Low content of potassium
  • VLOG certified: no GMO feeds


The recommended amount of Ruval®plus is approximately 0.5 to 2 kg per adult animal per day, but depends on the base ration

Product Features

  • IBC starting from 5 IBCs ( 5×1,200 kg)
  • Bulk
  • Storage: at least 1 year. Available all year round.

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