Prevent scalding and silage losses

Prevent scalding in the basic ration by administering acid.

In practice, when temperatures and humidity are high, the quality of the basic ration increasingly deteriorates. Applications of organic acids can prevent loss of feed quality.

The result of adding acids is:

  • Preventing scalding in the ration
  • Feed value of the ration is maintained
  • Cows come to the feed fence more often and take in more feed
  • Maintaining milk production results.
  • Less heat stress and health problems

Products that can be used for this purpose are:

  • RuvalPlus
    : Preserves TMR, palatable, high protein

  • RuvalMax
    : Preserves TMR, palatable, protein and energy rich

  • Acibet TMR
    : Inhibits scalding, longer fresh and tasty TMR

  • Acibet G
    : Increases absorption and utilization of rations.

Prevent silage losses with
Iodosil NC

Many silages are not stable causing scalding, mold and yeasts. These cause feed value loss and reduced ration intake.

Therefore, treat the top layer of your silage (grass silage, cut corn, CCM, etc.) with
Iodosil NC
when ensiling. Also during silage removal
Iodosil NC
can also be applied to the top layer that is moldy.

  • A liquid mixture of various organic acids
  • Efficient in killing off fungi and yeasts
  • Improves lactic acid production in the top layer
  • Pit is more stable after opening
  • Can also be used as a cutting surface treatment.

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