Welcome to Jodoco: the betaine specialist for animals and plants

Jodoco specializes in the development and production of innovative feed mixtures and complementary feeds.

Our products

We believe in the power of nature and that's why our production focuses on natural Betaine

Jodoco produces a wide range of premixes and complementary feeds focused on solutions such as growth promotion, heat stress protection, and mycotoxin binding. These products are developed with ingredients such as betaine and organic acids, for animals and crops.









Our advantages

Innovation is at the forefront of Jodoco

Our unique use of active ingredients such as betaine, organic acids and essential oils, backed by years of research and collaboration with leading institutes, positions us as experts in the industry.

Jodoco NV in Tienen
Years of research & experience

one of our products

Why are more and more livestock farmers choosing Ruval?

The answer is simple: improved milk production, optimal rumen fermentation and improved overall cattle health.


At Jodoco, we believe in the power of real results

Our case studies show the successful results we have achieved on farms just like yours. From increased productivity to better animal and plant health.

About us

Our goal is sustainable agriculture and animal health

With the goal of improving the health of animals and plants worldwide, we want to use our knowledge of betaine broadly for more sustainable agriculture. With 25 years of experience, Jodoco has become a specialist in the application of betaine.


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Optimize your ration! Call on Jodoco for a ration check. How balanced and homogeneous is the ration? In practice, the

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