Discover our Florabet® biostimulants

Florabet® offers you advanced solutions for the growth and health of your crops! The solution to overcome stress situations and micro-nutrient deficiencies in plant products.

Our story

Many of our customers are not only livestock farmers, but also harvest fruit and vegetables. In this sector, many growers face unpredictable weather conditions.
At the request of our customers, we researched solutions to stimulate the growth and development of vegetable products.

Active ingrediënts

Glycine betaine is an essential ingredient of our Florabet®. It is known for regulating and improving the plant’s ability to respond to situations such as water stress as well as extreme temperatures.


Florabet® is easy to apply with foliar application. By using the right proportions during the growth cycle of your crops, you not only increase yields. It also improves the quality of your crops.

Added value

Our biostimulant ensures that your plants receive the required nutrients at the right time in the cycle, effectively addressing micro-nutrient deficiencies and improving plant response to temperature fluctuations and stress situations such as water stress.

Our biostimulant formulas

We succeeded to make different liquid solutions to target each one’s specific needs:

Meet our latest formula: Florabet®Boost! A formula that ensures nutrient uptake is boosted in your crops.


Invest in the growth and development of your crops now!


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