New production unit

Published on 10 July 2019

Jodoco is moving away!

From august 2019 all activities will take place in the new production unit.


New adress:

Jodoco NV

Fred Chaffartlaan 36

B-3300 Tienen

May 2019:

The first delivery of buildings and office installations has taken place. In the factory the process installation is now tested with water. The expectation is that this can be completed at the end of June, after which the move can take place in July.


February 2019:

Meanwhile, the construction of the new site of Jodoco has been requisitioned. Production halls have been completed, all internal tanks supplied, as well as pumps and components. At the moment we are working hard to get the production installation ready at the end of March. Also in the office they are busy with the building installations and the inside finish. The goal is to deliver the office at the end of April. They also started with the environmental works such as street work and weighbridge. These must be completed by the end of March. During the second quarter  focus will be on test runs with the process installations.


Installation of first storagetanks, height: 25 m, diameter: 5 m  (October 2018).

Preparations to install storagetanks (September 2018)



Actually the production halls are built up.

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